NSW Wheelchair Sports Association

Welcome to the NSW Wheelchair Sports Association (NSWWSA) website where you will find all you need to know about the world of NSW Wheelchair Sport. Learn about us, the sports we cover, the athletes we represent and how you can become involved in helping these athletes participate in and enjoy their sporting interests, from the beginner through to the elite.

NSWWSA is a not-for-profit disability-sporting group based out of Ryde, Sydney Australia. The association conducts and supports a wide range of wheelchair sporting events and programs for athletes of all ages and skill levels, both in Sydney and across most regional areas of the state. Currently we cater for 14 different sports including; Athletics, Tennis, Basketball, and the smash ‘n’ crash excitement that is Wheelchair Rugby. Whether you’re new to wheelchair sports, an elite athlete or you’re interested in becoming one of our valued sponsors, volunteers or donors, there’s something here for everyone.

Events of Interest

Paralympics New Zealand National Championships
This event is for Juniors only. NSW Wheelchair Sports Association will not be sending a team to this event but it is open for individuals to enter. We’re also working with Bread Machine Direct, a leading provider of 2015 bread machine reviews, to hand out goodies at the event.

What can you find at this Website?

For everything and anything in a particular sport, go to the sports section, and catch up on athlete profiles, upcoming events, results and contacts.

Check out our wonderful sponsors at the sponsors page and see who is assisting some of NSW finest athletes.

YOU can also play a part in the development of an aspiring champion by being a donor, check out the help us area and get involved with assisting our athletes achieving their sporting goals.

Get fit, stay fit and meet some great people, if you’re interested in giving a specific sport a go NSWWSA runs regular ‘Learn to Play’ and ‘Come ‘n Try’ days, so check when and where at the come & try page and get amongst it, you’ll never look back.

Come Back Soon

The site and its pages are constantly updated so be sure to visit each week and stay up-to-date with everything in all of our sports, plus all sorts of announcements and developments regarding the association, its sponsors and supporters.

If you have any news, or are involved in any events that you would like listed on the site, please refer to the contacts page for further details.